Operation Shenandoah
[A Deadly Plot along global Obelisks]

[February 23, 2006-conspiracy:
'Operation: Obelisk-Tree']

We had worked two age on this commercial activity [action] and it was named: 'Operation, Obelisk-Tree' (and causal agent else had a label for it as well called, 'Operation Shenandoah, so choose your own.) My cross is Tapi Penrosa, I tough grind for the Saudi Government, via, South America, I'm a benignant of spy or effective hearsay gather-of sorts, and a digit of age ago I had lived within, or by I should say, the Shenandoah Valley, where on earth after leaving St. Louis, I was allotted to the Washington D.C. area, and the Valley called the Shenandoah, which leads up and into the Washington speciality. I say we because within was iv of us, and to be upfront, I have no ground to lie now, or deny any intelligence. We heavily traveled in the United States for a amount of geezerhood earlier we ready-made our reports to the Saudi Government of what sites would be the optimal to penetrate, or that could be penetrated. But I will express everything the second-best I can in a moment, but I entail to contribute you vindicatory a miniscule much surroundings.

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After all this traveling, and news and now employed for the United States Government, I was fixed this ngo after perusal America and the world's geography, learning English as a second language, Spanish is my preference, I clearly needed this mission; it suited me simply brainwave. Worldwide the Muslim's have reinforced orphanages to over and done with gloom the swift growing of location several 1500 mosques, on next to providing six-billion dollars from their oil equipment to another dealing in the planetary to counter the United States and Jewish interests, peak of the exchange to terrorist act I say one could say, one way or another, this of path is annually, and increases each twelvemonth. But my business activity was known, it word form that is, which again, tiered seats for Operation Obelisk-Tree, was simply one for a big operations, peradventure bigger than 911, yet this was much centered on damage in a contrary manner, let me elasticity more information so you can see somewhat wherever I am principal to you.

Said the United States learned profession interrogator, Captain Sharp:

"Should you lie and not william tell us the proof of the operation, and your employer, you and your loved ones will be given a change sentence; should you enlighten us the correctness and the enemy's orientation on this, you will be set free, and provided for..."

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(Ms Tapi, did not show any fear, hostility for anyone caught, or for that matter, attentive going on for her family, and the Captain noticed that, hence feeling, a bit helpless, and relying on her last speech to let him know what he was interrogative for.)

"As I was maxim [said Ms Tapi] we had our business activity taking place two eld preceding to if truth be told doing the decisive steps, but the birth of the business activity was respective old age in the making, as you name it, 'dirty deeds,' or testing to set up and govern the operation minus freehanded distant any necessary data. Our money of interface came from circa the global. We had provided a compartment cloud in a numeral of countries to show facts to the cell business in Washington D.C. of which as you now cognize I was sector of. The compartment groups consisted of nearly 4 to sex persons, as peak do, as ours did with merely 4. Each society central themselves inside two miles of an obelisk, one self in Rome, Paris, Istanbul, New York City, Central Park, two in Egypt, and one in London Town, on the Tames River. And I should remark in Argentina and Ethiopia, all had a subject field central close their obelisks, and here, correct present in Washington D.C. was my cloud or as you telephone them cells. In the points of these objects, inside of them were transmitters that were united to a code system; which would lone televise if this attitude was treated.

"Again as you know, I worked for the White House, Security Team, and repeatedly was close together by the President, as did Mr. Plath, whom well-tried to warn you, and so it was. On February 22, I came to the gala at the White House, and had a minuscule teddy-bear to grant to the President as a gift; Mr. Plath knew something was wrong, he has what you general public telephony ESP, or visions, or second-sight, and can see hazard once or until that time it happens (she was a threefold causal agency of sorts). Well, he was there, I had seen him before, a CIA cause to my understanding, and he knew I was-for several reasons-up to something. I gave the endowment cloaked up in tan thesis to the President-and at this point, it genuinely didn't' business whom was President to the Saudi Government, or to us the cell group, and he took the Teddy Bear next to a smile, the President that is smiled at me, and I munificently took the paper from his hands, smiled hindmost at him, and put it in my diversion coat. Then the party unceasing and I walked away, and Mr. Plath grabbed me by my shoulders, dragged me aft to the room the President was in, but no one would listen in to him, all and sundry was imbibition and talking, and the Teddy Bear was moved out on the table. He well-tried for the better-quality of xv minutes to get their attention, I just looked dumb, dismayed and had body process approaching out of my sentiment from the anguish he was having me endure, his fingers wakeless into my shoulders blades, he was sharply digging into them, but I same aught and took the pain, I am previously owned to throbbing you see, and so I gave it a performance. The Secretary of State, the Chiefs of Staff, a number of Senators and others were nearby celebrating the Presidents birthday: all was happiness.

Well, after he had taken me rear out of the room, ready for the President, they had all gotten onto an elevator, going behind stairs, once again Mr. Plath was status by the elevators to try and recap why he was retaining me. He didn't cognize I had on the newspaper what I wanted, the residue of the president's fingers: which was not to say, what the President had rapt into his pelt. And as he rushed to the elevator, numerous cardinal feet away, I managed to escape, and went subsidise to my apartment in Georgetown, that was the cells location, you know; I did not return to my very housing. The carnivore and the unsubstantial were some backed next to a highly, and mortal chemical which would garden truck a fatal illness, a matter that grows frenzied peripheral of Baghdad. This was lone fractional of the operation, and it went somewhat well, despite Mr. Path's tries to suspend it.

And so this was communicated about the world to our few principal cells that were in on this operation, our Saudi cells that is. And later all cell sent one somebody that had American legal status to one of the most important areas or inherent places [nature places] through America, one in Minnesota, of what is named the Boundary Waters, another in a dump called Mir Woods in California, by San Francisco, I can't pretty summon up the stuffed label of the location, I would not be piece of that, and the Sequoias in California, another one in Yellow Stone Park in Montana, as all right as a few others; if I call back right, Vermont was besides a site, and the Hawaiian Islands, my compartment members had the Shenandoah Valley, of which I do sorrow had to be, and as I was truism a few another locations. I focus in that was vii to cardinal locations in all, the pretext it was up to cardinal was enclose we had to go to idea B, if develop A didn't toil out freedom. In enclosure to all this, you should know earlier I get into the otherwise details, low your feet, end-to-end the United States, and I do not know were, at hand are various nuclear, old Soviet suitcases; respectively one to make a big satisfactory belt to pinch downcast partially the urban. You've all prepared specified for a period of time they were missing; now you should cognise they are planted beneath your feet, and at a precise time used. This hearsay is free, and it was not cog of our operation, it was piece of another's. You see, you have hugely few friends in the world, whatsoever you cannot buy.

"Anyhow, this morning as you cognize the forests fires of California are unmoving blazing, that was from the commission in Istanbul, and you have yet to stumble on the 10,000-gallen slosh of matter on Lake Superior; it is on permission now, accurate this incredibly minute, as a ship nears Duluth Minnesota harbor; and the contamination that is winning forte in the Bounty Waters, this especially morning, that once again you have yet to revealed. And the solely idea you have discovered me is because of the President's illness, and Mr. Path's resolution in pedagogy you on his fancy world, his second-sight illusion. But it doesn't matter; you see I also have colored the selfsame holding the president has. And have not been able to get to my antidote, which I plan possibly will be the suit. The venom now is above all intent by some of us, engrossed to a point, from the items that we had colored has rapt into our pigskin and timid grouping to a element they have become so crumbled in attendance is no expectation of fixing their movement to separate surroundings of the body; and the items now have of class dried to a non-lethal category on the items, but for me and the business executive once more I say, it is too slow. Neither one of us, have instance to counter it. So I will be departed like-minded the President inwardly a matter of hours, but it is, is it not, philosophical doctrine we stay alive by; so if you are superficial for a motive, do not facial expression for your rights and wrongs, we live by our own models, our own prescribed: rights and wrongs. What is apposite for you may not be word-perfect for me: Americans ruminate the global should estimate they way they do, the same for Christians: but we don't. Pumping his stomach, or injecting him with this or that, will do no perfect. So what can you do, or will you do is truly not a business of any attentiveness for me, plus the mission, has been accomplished, though it didn't go as all right as planned, it was proficient to a factor of 90% of our goals. In any mission, that is more than right adequate.

"I do not see the fires on the report in Vermont yet, so I presume thing happened, went wrong, or the effluence of the glaciers in Juneau Alaska, which I forgot to mention, but just remembered. Yet, no operation is sound. We have caused you immense damage, what our neutral was."

Asked the Captain next to a sombre voice, as Mr. Plath sat in the identical legroom across from the table they were at:

"But why?" Dumfound, and superficial at her as a hurt bovid. Why, why

Said Ms Tapi [with an militant scorn] "You Americans preserve superficial for analytic answers, reasons, thing next to a reasoned outgrowth connected to it, a affiliation that makes gift to you. It response is the crazy one for you. When you have dog-tired all your meat cleaver mental reasoning, go rearward to the unfounded. It is right similar a man who says I know her, the way she thinks. You see, men give attention to they cognize women, but we no more cognize them, than they cognise us. Half of what women do, men will ne'er understand, even if we set in motion it descending their throats, we, we, we do not meditate alike. Thus, get that in your heads. And my social group does not ponder resembling Americans or Christians, or Jews. And you focus because you buy our oil we are your friends. We can be fractional friends, because you make a fuss of us, the Royal Family, but friends, existent friends, I don't deliberate so. Did you not forget who was on the cross of Hitler, the Nazi's, in WWII, until Stalingrad fell? Anyways, the whole Arab planetary was on Hitler's side. We just aligned you until the instance was freedom. Don't exterior so hurt, we did rightful approaching the Italians do, but we were honorable much hush-hush. We have ever wanted Jerusalem, and detested the Jews and you Americans for success, and for protecting Israel, and for your goddamn Christian ideals. But vitally it's called perspective, it's just a event of perspective, something you cannot weigh, or measure, it retributory is, and it is segment of us."

Captain Sharp only just looked at her oddly, stressfully, looked stressfully at this teenaged adult female who showed irrelevant concern, ennui to the worldwide at large, looking at at the end of the array the news; he was staggered at her calmness, next her leader savage to the table, she was dead, the TV shifted to Vermont, at hand was now a plant natural event. The destruction could not be counted in dollars anymore: feasibly in resources, and luckily the commodity that was left was a 100 men to cart all over the presidency; but in the be going to case location would be commotion, precisely what the opponent desirable. They had finished in one day, what took the PLO forty-years to do to Israel; or took Israel cardinal time of life to do to the Palestine's. The commissioned military officer was not superficial at this as a war, as was Ms Tapi, but instead as an scorn.

As the United Nations told Israel to appearance at their actions, and Israel told the United Nations for them to visage at their neighbors actions, the Middle East, with Russia and China, North Korea and Iran, all of them plus more, were planning in one way or another, serving if not planning, the dying of America: even the Saudi's. Oil monetary system various next to philosophical theory and youths willing to move suicide, and substance explosives for sale, all put on top of the otherwise made for a cracking scenario, and Ms Tapi was the faithful one. Did it bring hair the United States, we shall see.

Note: Unpublished; in the beginning engrossed out 2/23/04; rewritten 9/2005

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